Sunday, January 30, 2011


Here's the only picture you get for today:

Two kids, one sick, one injured.  Not a lot of motivation to dress! Everybody is on the mend though.  And, unless the universe REALLY hates me, my husband will be home tomorrow evening.  So, in anticipation of that...I give clothes for the 30 for 30 challenge!

1. Cranberry corduroy pencil skirt, Victoria's Secret
2. Nordic Blue double serge wool pencil skirt, J. Crew (never worn here!)

3. Black trousers, Context
4. Black wideleg trousers, Anthropologie (also new! and to be hemmed!)
5. Heritage Chinos, J. Crew
6. Blue cords, Lands' End Canvas
7. Black leggings, Target

8. Stretch denim sheath dress, London Times
9. Brown dress, Soprano
10. Blue wool sweater dress, Gap

11. Cobblestone velvet school boy blazer, J Crew
12. Tweed Blazer, via TJ Mass
13. Khaki military jacket, Victoria's Secret
14. Black blazer, Victoria's Secret

15. Heather gray cardigan, Jones New York
16. Pink cardigan, Lands' End Canvas
17. Blue v-neck, Loft

18. White linen button down, thrifted
19. White cotton button down, New York and Company
20. Black and white patterned blouse, J. Crew
21. Blue, grey and berry floral patterned blouse, Loft
22. Black turtleneck, J. Crew
23. Gray turtleneck, J. Crew
24. Black silk ruffled cami, J. Crew
25. Black cami, Target
26. Cream tee, gifted

27. Black patent flats, Zigi Soho
28. Brown boots, Madden Girl
29. Gray heels, Madden Girl
30. Black suede booties, Adrienne Vittadini

Can't wait to start!


  1. I'm too nervous to venture into 30 for 30 just yet. Logically I know it would be good for me to make myself mix and match as well as actually fully utilize those things in my closet, but the rest of me feels like I couldn't do it. I'm sitting this one out but maybe next time. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. I wish you will go out of this rough patch as soon as possible.In the maintime count your blassings !It helps!


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