Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Three things saved my day:  

Glass of wine
Space Heater
My friend Bob (not pictured)

So when last we spoke, I was pouty but doing okay.  My (sink) elbow was busted.  But other than that, I was doing fine.  Then at 10 (and one degree) last night, my furnace stopped working.  Egads. Thanks to my helper on that one, Chuck. Send me a bill, sir.

Then, this morning as I prepared for my plumber, Tony, I found a frozen hot water pipe in the bathroom.  Odd since the heat had only been out for about an hour and a half.  But we agreed, temps were rising, it would thaw.  Check's in the mail, Tony, thanks for the elbow.

But then when I got home, the kitchen hot was also iced up. I needed my husband.  So I called Bob.  Who rushed over, braved mouse poop and spiders in our shed, investigated, examined, and THAWED.  Seriously, Bob is my hero tonight.  And ye of Winkytown, when you see that man at the dump?  Give him three cheers!

And also, considering how the day started and ended?  I think I managed to pull together a cute look here! Capris?  With boots?  Yes.

Blazer, J. Crew (wet spot, from doing dishes!  Which I can, because I have hot water and a drain that DOESN'T empty onto the floor); tee, J crew; scarf, Italia!; capris, TJ Maxx (and a small size, woohoo!); boots, Madden Girl.

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