Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Oh, one of those days, on every front.  Good, Bad, and Ugly.  The good?  It is my little girl's 5th birthday!  I remember my own fifth birthday.  I was at school, outside the nurse's office, waiting for my TB test.  I must have been whining, and the kindergarten aide said to me, "Just because it is your birthday, doesn't mean you can be a little bitch."  I think that's enough Bad amd Ugly to share for one day!

Jacket, J.Crew, Velvet Schoolboy Blazer, final sale! $56.99; boots, Madden Girl; scarf, Eddie Bauer; cords, Lands' End Canvas.


  1. The kindergarten aide called you a bitch! That is crazy.

  2. OK, I love that you have a sippy cup in your hand in this photo. My first visit to your site shows two versions: A. wine in hand B.sippy cup in hand. I like you already. And I like that blazer.


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