Saturday, January 29, 2011

Old School

Before I started blogging, this was my color palette.  Blue, blue and more (not bright) blue.  I know it works for me, but man, more color is more fun!  Still it is nice to go back to an old favorite.

The light blue on top with the dark bottom reminds me of what I wore in graduate school.  Well, of what we all wore.  Picture it, Austin, 1998...Old Navy, Old Navy, Old Navy.  We all lived in tees of all kinds and jersey skirts of all lengths.  Oh, and cargo pants.  I do miss one outfit I had was my fancy one and I got it from tube top with an embroidered flower on it, also in black, and a black lace skirt.  I still have the skirt, but it only fits on one leg.

Cardi, J. Crew; Cords, Lands' End Canvas

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  1. so funny what memories clothes evoke!Once in a while I think of a garment and a whole period of my life flashes by!


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