Sunday, November 21, 2010


Do I look like a rule breaker to you?  Didn't think so.  I am afeared of pattern mixing, for cripes sake!  When I do get caught breaking a rule, I feel like a total jerk.  Funny, I don't feel bad at all when I don't get caught!

But yes, I confess. I did take a picture inside an exhibit even though I was told not to.  But in my defense, I was not actually in the exhibit room, but on a balcony overlooking it! And I didn't use a flash! It was an honest mistake, I swear!  Still, I think the cuteness of this outfit helped me out, as the burly security guard did not chase me down and make me delete the picture.  Probably he though I could out run him in my superhero tights and boots.

Sorry, MassMoCA!  As evidence of my remorse, I won't even post the picture I took of the AMAZING Petah Coyne exhibit.

Oh, and I also admit to stealing the knee socks and boots thing from What Would a Nerd Wear.  She's linked over there

But one crime I am not guilty of?  Attempting to buy alcohol as an minor.  But thanks anyway, waitress at Mezze! My gimlet sure was delicious with the house cured sardines over leeks, celeriac and potato salad with a lemon mustard vinagrette!

Boots, Madden Girl; Socks, Gap; leggings, Targets; jacket, TJ Maxx; skirt and scarf, Victoria's Secret.

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