Tuesday, November 23, 2010


On Sunday I visited a museum I had never been to before...the Norman Rockwell Museum.  I never really went wild for Rockwell.  His work always seemed kind of hokey and kitschy to me. But I am proud to admit that I am now a Rockwell fan.  I found being in a room with his work to be really moving - I was filled with such a mix of nostalgia, optimism, patriotism, and love of humanity looking into all of those faces.  Good thing I had a tissue stashed in my bag!

The grounds were also beautiful...and a great place for outfit pictures, since no one was around.

This building is Rockwell's studio.

It's my new goal to take photos in better locations.  Great goal for life in the dark north in November!

Cords, Lands' End Canvas; cashmere sweater, Eddie Bauer; jacket, TJ Maxx; books, Madden Girl; scarves, Lord and Taylor and Eddie Bauer.


  1. Love those boots! Cute bag too...LOL

  2. Oh!! Bag, made by lovely Laura!!

  3. It's always a challenge to keep photo locations interesting. Glad you lucked up and found a pretty location (:

    I love the shades of blue on your scarf, too.



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