Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am in a rut.  I have not run in months.  I just kind of trailed off in September...I think because of stress (both work and flying solo as a parent for 2 months) and because I hit a weight loss plateau.  A HUGE plateau.  For months, 15 pounds from where I want to be.  I love running, but I think I need to find something to tide me over for the winter, as work has become really hard to get away from at lunch with any regularity (and I travel a lot) and it is DARK after work, so I can not squeeze a jog in then.  I should probably renew my track membership, but that run on a 1/11th mile track is depressing as hell.

Le sigh.

This is all on my mind today because the sheen on the pants and the color of the sweater were creating a VERY unflattering effect in 99% of my pictures today.

Wait, what did you say?

Quit bitching and get off your lazy butt?

Thought so.

Sweater, Loft; skirt, American Outpost; blazer, Victoria's Secret; pants, New York and Company.

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