Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jack Frost

Did you know Jack Frost and Mother Nature are siblings?  And Mother Nature lives with Santa?  Neither did I, til this morning.

Kids know everything.

Finally, in that second picture, you can see how purple this skirt is.

I forgot how comfy these boots are and plan on wearing them as much as possible in the comming weeks before a.) I take them to be reheeled, and b.) Jack Frost gets busy coating the Adirondacks with a sheet of ice.  Not a match for a smooth soled shoe.

Cardi, Lands' End Canvas; skirt and belt, Gap Outlet; boots, Texas; shirt, gift from my mother-in-law, who bought it in the Netherlands on a lost luggage vacation.

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  1. Someday when I grow up I want a pair of good Texan boots. In the meantime, may I say what a tiny waist you have and how much of which I am envious?


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