Thursday, February 24, 2011

30 for 30: Days Fifteen and Sixteen

Halfway done!  

And now it is starting to get interesting...I think tweed counts as a pattern, right?  And look:  I mixed it with two other patterns! There is a lot going on here, I think.  Perhaps too much, but it was fun.

I wore this on a Board meeting day, and I always dress a little fancier on those days.

Items worn: 3, 12, 20, 27

Today's outfit was a total last minute combination.  I usually plan the next day's outfit as I fall asleep at night.  I had a brilliant inspiration, which included this shirt (which is quite oversized) and leggings but when I put it on my husband asked when I would be putting on my pants.  That was a pretty solid hint the look was not work appropriate.

In the end, I really liked this look. The wider belt kept the overly large skirt in place all day, and I was able to wear these shoes for the first time in the 30 for 30.  (It helps that it is getting warmer!)

And also?  I am really freaking out over how much I look like my mom in this picture.

Items worn: 2, 14, 18, 29

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