Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 for 30: Day Seven

When I was 17 I bought a pair of "Reckless Wide Legged Pants" from the J. Peterman catalogue.  Oh, how I loved those pants.  I thought they were the most glamourous, flattering pants in the world, and I truly believed I was able to channel a little of the Hepburn (K not A), when I was wearing them.  Yeah.  I was 17, what did I know from Katherine Hepburn's essence? But I loved those pants and wore them for the next 3 years, into College, to Europe.  The glamour of it all...the youth hostel, the creepy guys in bars, the pick pocketing.

Anyway.  At the time, wide legged pants were not the thing among high school students, but I really found them refreshing.  Just like these pants.  Not "Reckless" but "Winsome."

I am tired of skinny legs. Not totally over them, but in need of a little break.

And OH!  High rise!  Even more refreshing than a wide leg is not having to retuck all day.  (Your shirt or your muffin top.)

Items worn:  4, 16, 20, 27

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  1. i'm really thinking i might want to venture into highwaisted pants, i'm already loving high skirts. and as for my hair? i'm so happily surprised by your comments, and you're not the first person to say something!! maybe i'll do a tutorial soon. :) thanks so much!!


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