Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wrap It Up

Wrap skirts always call to mind my mom, in the 70s.  I think this is because one of my earliest memories is identifying my mom by her skirt after church one Sunday, and grasping onto her leg.  You know how this ends, of course.  It was some other wrap-skirted woman.  Oops.

But my mom is a really classy lady, and I can pretty much guarantee that HER wrap skirt never caught the wind outside the dry cleaners and flew up and open, exposing HER (thankfully clean and not thong) underwear to all of the (thankfully empty) street.

Also?  If I don't cut my hair soon, a vain old woman is going to climb up it to get into the tour where she holds me captive.

Tee, Gap; wrap skirt, Tibet Asian; wedges, Nine West.

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