Thursday, June 30, 2011

Politics Make Strange Bedfellows

Professional, polished, and tall.  Those were my outfit requirements today.  After work I attended a fundraiser for my Congressman, the awesomely pro-choice (woohoo!) Bill Owens.  Hence the polished and professional.  I was going with my boss, who will never be tall, so one of us has to have enough physical stature to allow us to find each other in a crowd.

I know a lot of people, and let me tell you, I did not know more than 5 out of 50 people there.  Business owners, pretty much to a one. I did have a long conversation about asphalt, paving, and the roads of the Adirondacks with one man...I'm not shy, though, and I made that conversation as much fun as I could.

Dress, London Times; cardi, J. Crew; shoes Madden Girl.


  1. Ok, lady you are looking AWESOME! Keep up the great looks! This VERY preggo mama is SO envious!

  2. Love that outfit. Looks great on you.


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