Friday, June 24, 2011


For the past couple of weeks, coworkers have been returning to the office with little baubles from a new resale shop on the next block.  I stopped in yesterday at lunch and found just what I have been looking for: a long gold pendant necklace.  For $7.  I built this outfit around my new jewels.

I liked the different proportions of this outfit, especially the wide legs.

But when I looked at the pictures I realized something:  either I have a body dismorphic disorder and really am bigger than I think I am, or I need to rethink my size when buying clothes.  I have had not appetite lately, and find that my clothes are hanging a little loose...a good thing, but not flattering. For further evidence, see two pairs of khakis.

Hmmm...I am sensing a pattern here...and a reason to go shopping!

Or maybe I should just take waist up pictures.

Trousers, Anthropologie; tank, Ann Taylor outlet; cardigan, Victoria's Secret; necklace, Cache Elegant, downtown Plattsburgh.

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