Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To the Max

I am so glad to be able to participate in the current Everybody, Everywear challenge.  Last month I missed out because I was in the heart of the 30 for 30 with nary a polkadot (the theme) in sight.

The Maxi skirt is a real challenge for me because I fear looking too much like a hippie.  I think I avoided that pitfall.  Unfortunately, with the braid and jacket I think I might look like an escapee from Juniper Creek.

Jacket, Gap; Shoes, SE Boutique; tee, gift from S.; bracelet, Target.


  1. I see it more like Big Love...

  2. Cute maxi! You wear it perfectly! :D


    P.S: I´m giving away a $100 beauty gift card for YSL, Chanel... etc products. Wanna join in on the fun? ;D

  3. Ha. I don't see any hippie, but I love the Big Love reference!
    Thanks for joining us at EBEW!


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