Friday, September 23, 2011

Waist High

I love a good ol' high waisted trouser.  Hit me at the smallest part of my torso? Check.  Expand below the waist band to make room for dinner? Check. No potential for unsolicited underwear viewing? Check. This pant prepares me for everything (and here's where I transition oh so smoothly and cleverly) including the Girl Scouts award dinner.

I was not a scout.  But I see now what a cool organization they are and if Eva ever requests membership, I will encourage her.  And this dinner...other than making me feel like an underachiever is just great.

And I got to catch up with a friend I never see, even better!

Trousers, Anthropologie; Sweater, Loft.

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  1. You look great. And you are so not an underachiever. Did I tell a GS leader now?


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