Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ellie Mae Goes to Work

Well Clampett all to hell, I should have gotten a few more of these shirts because I love the way the fit.  Kind of perfectly.  Can't even get annoyed that J. Crew calls it the perfect shirt!

I am sooo not a gingham person, but I gave it ago because I loved the dark dark navy.  And while I was at the J. Crew outlet, I also grabbed this pair of denim trousers.  Or denimy.  Denimish?  

With these heels and the slim silhouette, I felt like a six foot tall Amazon all day.

Pants and Perfect Shirt, J. Crew Outlet, about $45 each; heels, Bass Outlet.


  1. Perfect outfit. Love the pop of red with the shoes!

  2. I love that outfit! I agree that the red shoes are terrific. I also like the colors of the gingham shirt. It's tougher than Daisy Mae :)


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